The good stuff

The good stuff

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Who buys CRACK without Brown ?

See these F.cking dealers up here they cant get the brown sold cause its shite so lots of people are just buying Whisky and im thinking to myself No For Me....... One minute your blasting on that pipe high as a bloody kite and then its finished and nothing to ease you down " that" your left feeling irritated and if you have money there is the temptation to buy bloody more - Nah i prefer a few pipes then a charge so you float back to earth nice & easy...... how do you like it ?

nov28th still crap quality

just been reading gledwoods blog people from all over the uk saying the heroin shortage is at an all time high how long can this possibly continue ?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Quality of HEROIN is CRAP all over the UK

Hi folks its nov26th and for the last 2 weeks here in Aberdeen the quality of our heroin has been terrible.......
we have been landed with a batch of this really light heroin almost off white colour or cream and its shit i had 3 bags yesterday and nothing happened and everyone i know seems to have it and my phone has been going non stop with people looking and complaining about it - usually we have a steady stream of dealers coming from london and liverpool etc cause the profits are so good up here so im wandering if others will please get in touch with me and let me know what the quality is like in your area THANKS.......