The good stuff

The good stuff

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Who buys CRACK without Brown ?

See these F.cking dealers up here they cant get the brown sold cause its shite so lots of people are just buying Whisky and im thinking to myself No For Me....... One minute your blasting on that pipe high as a bloody kite and then its finished and nothing to ease you down " that" your left feeling irritated and if you have money there is the temptation to buy bloody more - Nah i prefer a few pipes then a charge so you float back to earth nice & easy...... how do you like it ?


  1. Ello Darlin!

    Thanks for your comment at mine. I'm putting your link up on my sidebar. I'm sorry I got so snowed under it was difficult to keep track of who was where ... etc etc


    Well I used to like either a "sandwich" going brown white brown.

    Or a yummy snowball to get that gear and crack in my veins together, then a few pipes, then a hit of gear.

    A vein-saving snowball which I tried in the end is to hit up B then immediately toke on a loaded and ready pipe which must be yours exclusively and At Your Side. That way you get 2 overlapping rushes which kind of feels funky.

    Not that I'm endorsing/blah blah drug use etc etc I know you're on the shyte already.

    Take it easy!!


  2. Hey what's happening? Come on post something up please are you using or not? Or are you doing what so many of us are and just not indulging because it's been so shite it's not worth it provided you're on a scipt you don't have to bother.

    All you need do to get more readers is go out and network yourself among other bloggers not all the druggie blogging fraternity comment heavily on other people's blogs, most people who comment on mine are actually clean and never had a habit, they comment because they know me from when i was very heavily involved and lost to heroin now i'm being way better behaved. i used it 3 times last week but the obsession has gone i really can take or leave it, a day without is just another day, not a day of horror or slow torture or headfuck. just a day usually better than when i use as i remember what i did

    so how are YOU? come on tell us!